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Why I’ve changed my masturbation habits…

Nobody knows how to get you off better than yourself right? Well I could probably disagree, I  mean I did think I knew best probably like everyone else but I think it’s too easy to just get really lazy with it.

I masturbated religiously a minimum twice a day for years upon years and that taught me how to get myself off very quickly. I’ve gone through so many different phases trying to spice up the standard wank n cum:

Pornhub phase:

This is where I started looking for more and more random things to do with fetishes and other stuff that could get me excited. This was ok for a while but it’s such a ball ache clicking from video to video and trying to find an old video you really enjoyed proved frustrating at times too.

Tumblr Phase:

This was a monumental phase in my masturbation history, Tumblr is full of so many amazing fetishes and kinks it’s unreal. I stumbled across hotwifing and cuckolding which quickly consumed me and showed me that there was a name for the things that I had fantasized about and just how popular it was!

It did also lead me to getting my Tinder profile banned as being fake though. Quick tip, might not be wise to put into your bio you want to be cuckolded or share your future partner with other people, maybe it was jus the way I worded it but a lot of people thought it was just a fake thing.

Sexting phase:

As fun as this was and still is, I realized after a few months you can quickly be seen as an absolute sex pest. I used to not speak to anyone through the day when I was at work, then as soon as I got home into bed I’d be sexting away. Which meant that every time I popped up on someone’s phone I quickly became synonymous with the brain dead sex crazed guy who didn’t want to talk about anything other than sex.

Then finding a place to drop in cross-dressing was almost impossible. Through such bad selection process of who I was talking to because I needed a few people to all be available at night and in the morning I wasn’t really talking to people I actually connected with or who even knew anything about me.

Fleshlight phase:

This was another revolutionary phase in my masturbation history! The use of proper toys!!

I’d decided I needed to find a more gratifying way that I could get myself off without having to focus so much on the external world of porn or sexting so I took a visit to the local sex shop. Thank god that I did.

After looking around for all manner of things my eyes were soon drawn to a mini Fleshlight; small, well branded, inexpesnsive. It was ticking all the right boxes and even the lovely assistant said it was a best seller so how could I not take it?

I bought it straight away and quickly took it to the toilets in the shopping center to see how it felt around my cock and OMG! I came so hard so fast I knew I was onto a winner. I then used it every night and every morning without fail and it was like getting a blowjob on demand whenever I wanted.

I remember thinking why has every guy not got one of these it should be illegal not to have one.

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Male Masturbator

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Male Masturbator

Butt plug phase

This is now the best phase I’ve been in without a doubt! After talking about past experiences to multiple people I realized my best orgasms have come from anal play or penetration so I had to ask myself why am I not masturbating like this as well?

Well, I’d tried the fingers n stuff before but in all honesty, I found it very awkward and I could never really relax into it properly. Then I saw a post on Tumblr about the “sissygasm” and how to do it. It was all about not touching your cock as much as possible and retraining your brain to focus on your ass being the center of pleasure for your body.

Which then got me thinking how could I relax into anal play with something small enough to be carried around and big enough to give me pleasure?

Then I remembered the silicone but plug I’d got from a sex shop in London years ago and never really put it to its full use. So I put it in and imagining it was a cock started rocking back and forth on it and that hit THE SPOT big time!

I now use it daily and after a few leg shaking climaxes I can now say it’s my absolute favorite form of masturbation!

Lovehoney Classic Silicone Beginners Butt Plug

Future techniques…

As I said at the start I don’t think we truly know how best to get ourselves off without being open to new things. For me, I’ll continue to look and try new things to see how I can best get myself to climax and enjoy my masturbation to it’s fullest…

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