Sex Toys

4 best butt plugs under £20

Let’s be honest butt plugs are life.

Feeling horny? Put a butt plug in.

Getting ready for a hot date later? Put a butt plug in.

Want to make cleaning up more fun? What else are you going to do apart from putting a butt plug in?

What plugs do you go for though? That’s the major question in life. In the league of questions, it ranks right up there with “why are we even here?”

  1.  Wilwolfer 3 pack of Stainless steel plugs £16.99

Need a quick fix? Pop the smallest one in. Got some time on your hands? Go for the biggest one. Nothing could be more simple. Now it might seem a bit strange at first having some metal up your ass as if you’re being fucked by some hot robot dick but once you go steel you never go back.

(I probably should have thought of a better one liner then but hey hoe you get the point 😉 )

 2.  EasyToys Purple Metal Buttplug £14.95

So this might not be the number one best value for money but fuck me is it pretty! Who can say they wouldn’t like a gold plug in their ass with a beautiful purple gem at the end. Pure style while getting pleased at the time.

So if you want to stay swagging while gagging this is the plug for you.

(I think that was a better one liner to be fair 😉 )

3. Love Honey Classic Beginners Butt Plug £12.99

Where most people start their journey and definitely where I started mine into the world of butt plugs. This little treacle sponge desert will quickly become your best friend in no time. I call it treacle sponge because surely everyone loves it right?

4. Frisky White Bunny Tail £18.44

Everyone should have at least one animal tail to chose from to stick out their ass right? Surely you can’t miss out on all presentation opportunities that arise from using your ass as a holder.

This little bad boy goes well with all dress up costumes you can think of as well, keep that color neutral and you’ll be a fashionista both in and out of the bedroom.




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